Patricia was among the first professionals to create a program that addresses the problems caregivers typically encounter, such as isolation and burn out. She acts as an educator for the family, a resource for the caregiver and a guide to accessing community resources.

Families need to know that ‘checking in’ with the caregiver is vital. The caregiver often looks for guidance and understanding of what the loved one is going through. Dementia and Alzheimer’s patients present with challenging behaviours, but knowing why it’s happening makes the situation easier to manage and control.

Adult day care is available in the Squamish community, and offers a chance to connect with other caregivers as well as an opportunity to socialize. This kind of ongoing support lessens the stress level while keeping your loved one cared for and stimulated. Giving them small tasks that they are able to master creates a feeling of success and well being for your loved one, which makes a positive difference in their daily lives.

Caregivers can choose from two basic plans and customize them for their needs and situation. We typically have two half hour sessions per month that explore how the caregiver feels, how they are managing and what tools we can offer.


When a loved one shows physical or mental signs of distress, the caregiver is the one responsible for getting timely help. This is where we come in; with our extensive network of professionals, we know who to call when time is precious. The Healthcare system can be hard to navigate, but we can be the essential bridge between the professional you require and your loved one, the family and the caregiver.

We also advocate for your loved one as a human being. Dementia patients still have a purpose, and we enable them and their families to create loving connections and lasting memories.