End of Life Doula

This is a new option that Patricia provides for people who desire a guide and mentor on the road to the afterlife, however you conceive of it. Talking about death is hedged with fear, and most of us would prefer not to think about it. When it arrives unbidden, it can be overwhelming. Having non-medical, holistic support and education makes the journey less frightening and opens up different approaches that lead to closure and a sense of peace.

A doula empowers and consoles, educates about choices, and engages family and loved ones in a multi-faceted process that is emotional, spiritual and practical. Among the services that Patricia includes is an advance directive, spelling out your personal wishes for special rituals.

This may include music, writing final letters, keeping a journal, and most important, ways to ease the transition for your loved one. Saying simple things like ‘I love you’ and a gentle touch are the basic ingredients to making this final experience deeply meaningful, even joyful.

Patricia’s doula service gives comfort and confidence to the family with the entire end of life process. She demonstrates that another way is not only possible but relatively simple. Families experience a rich legacy and find that grieving, while real, can be full of grace.