January 2, 2021
When I learned I would be discharged, to go home, after surgery and 4 months in hospital I was thrilled. But could I cope? I live alone and I couldn’t walk, cook, shower, do laundry or take care of my cats. Happily my fears were allayed when Patricia King met with me, in person, before I left hospital. As she described the concept behind her company For The One You Love I had a lot of questions. With Patricia’s warm personality and the answers to my many questions my anxiety melted away.
I’ll soon be 70 and at that age my healing came at its own pace. During my first weeks at home I had help 3 times a day every day. With For The One You Love I had all the support I needed to feel worry-free as my abilities slowly returned. Over time, as I could do more for myself, I reduced the scheduled hours little by little.
While being a very satisfied customer I noticed a theme running through this company. It started with Patricia. Like Patricia each carer I’ve met has been caring, competent, and totally professional. I’d like to add: energetic, funny and a joy to spend time with. In fact, I now see that continuing with a few For The One You Love visits each week has become a mental health strategy in surviving the isolation of covid-19.
Yes, 2020 brought challenges but, for me, from the moment I met Patricia King my life has honestly been smooth sailing. From the bottom of my heart, I thank each person associated with For The One You Love for making all the difference in the world.

~ JOY Moon